MLC Certification process

The MLC certification process stage by stage explanation:

Stage 1

Fill in the application form on our website, just click APPLY FOR CERTIFICATION and our member of staff will contact you shortly.

Stage 2

We asses the vessel and the volume of job to be done, based on the age, type, Flag of the vessel, we will recommend the checklist to be filled in by company representative, or if you like one of our surveyors will be able to attend your vessel and ISM Safety Management Company.

Stage 3

After checking your vessel as well as the company responsible for the management as well as the Crew emloyment company, we will be able to understand weather your ship require exemptions or substantial equivalencies, this will be required when applying for DMLC Part 1 (Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance),  DMLC Part 1 will be issued by Flag Authority.

Stage 4

Flag Authority consider the application including exemptions if any and issue DMLC Part 1

Stage 5

Based on the assesment made on a stage 2 we prepare the manual, procedures, check lists and the full package of documents including DMLC Part 2 required for certification and further life of the MLC system.

Stage 6

Ship Management Company invite one of the authorised by Flag Authority inspector, who issues the Maritime Labour Certificate.