About Us



Inmarine Ltd. is doing its business in maritime sector, providing services to shipowners, ship-owing and ship managing companies for development and implementation of Quality Management Systems according to ISO standard, Safety Management System (SMS), that complies with the ISM Code,  Ship Security System including assessment of the ship security, preparation of Ship Security Plans for approval to comply with the requirement of Chapter 11 of SOLAS and ISPS Code as well as agency services for registration of merchant fleet and yachts under convenient flags.


Situation of our offices allows us to participate in traditionally large shipping markets of Russia, Baltic States, Australia and UK. Though we are a relatively new player, our business is growing and our numerous personal contacts in the shipping world open quite promising prospects for us. Though our offices are located at a great distance from each other and literally are overseas from each other, the modern communication systems allow us working in very close everyday contact. Moreover, having office in different time belts gives us an advantage to be available 24/7.


High professionalism and diversity of specialization of the  personnel we employ, enable us to provide highly professional services in the sector.



Inmarine Ltd. is a part of the group of companies, headquartered in London.

The Group has offices in Sidney, Australia (Strategintell Ltd.), Klaipeda, Lithuania (Intehlit Pr.Co.) and a representative office in St.Petersburg, Russia (Inmarine St. Petersburg Ltd)



The first company, which was opened in the Group, was Strategintell Ltd. It was founded in 2001 by three friends, who now head offices in London, Australia and St.Petersburg. We started with provision of services for development and implementation of Quality Management, Safety Management  and  Ship Security Systems. We won the tender and developed and implemented the systems for the whole fleet of the State Lithuanian Shipping Company.

With the growth of the portfolio of our clients, we had to open an office in St.Petersburg.